Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

What? No camera?

Once again, we know how to pack in a weekend. Saturday dawned not so bright but still early. We were on the road to Mt. Ida by 7:30. At about 7:40- we had to pull to the side of the road because we were caught in a downpour so heavy J couldn’t see to drive. The shoulder was littered with cars. We sat for about 10 minutes before it let up enough to move ahead, and within a couple of minutes we hit dry road. Dry. Huh? That was really weird. Got in, got set up, still had time to hang out before the start.

OFF WE GO! Sort of. There were 2 races going on, one with orienteering and one without that had separate checkpoints. The first CP was at the head of a road and when everyone started throwing bikes down, it was a bit confusing and I got left because Joe knew it wasn’t our CP but I didn’t. Okay, back on track but then we really did miss the turn for the first CP. Dang it, this is not the way to start. Anywho, we caught up and were on our way but got stuck behind a snail trail of bikers…I never thought I’d say this but I will not be discounting my biking ability for this race. It was torture going that slow. Luckily right after the CP just prior to a transition, J yells, “I know a shortcut” and we were able to get in ahead of a couple of teams and were off for the on-foot navigating. Doing good-J’s navigating is spot on and we find the next several CPs in short order. But then…we missed one by being on top of the wrong ridge after a nasty bush whack. DANG! It’s the next ridge over and in clear view. We should have known immediately because all the others were super visible, nothing hidden if you were in the right place. So we wasted a good bit of time wandering. I was ready to run after that, which irritated J but he was a trooper. My short stride is tough for him to pace with. I like to jog-keeps me moving much faster than walking but doesn’t wear me out but poor J- he can walk almost that fast so he cramps up trying to stay with my little legs. At the next CP we met up with a guy from a 2man team that had lost his partner. Had to hate that for him. Just a little farther and we were back on the bikes and we were cranking. Right up to when J slipped on a wet bridge and bent his rear derailler. Hills were a bit iffy for both of us after that. Oh well. We knew that the kayaking portion had to be cancelled because of the weather so we were on our way to the finish.
We finished in 3 hours 32 minutes. Some 12 minutes behind an all female team, Veronica and Traci, who were a lot of fun to sit and chat with while we waited for awards. J even remembered to stick a couple of beers, well Ultra anyway, not REAL beer, in our ice chest. MMMM cold beer and cold pizza, right on! Technically we were 2nd overall but because Co-Ed, Men’s and Women’s are categories, we got 1st in our category. And we had no camera. Argh.
Hats off to Ozark Extreme Sprint Series and all their volunteers. That was so much fun, we might just do more than one next year.
Saturday night we hit the new Panda Garden Chinese Buffet. We have now vowed to each other that there will be no more trips to this restaurant for at least a month. I can usually fill up a good bit on nice healthy sushi (they have a great sushi bar with rolls made to order if you want) but then I can’t resist at least a little badness. It’s never a good sign if you leave holding your belly.
Sunday- took the dogs down to Boyle Park for some in the woods time of their own. Bitsy might make a good trail dog if she was less needy but Jake, oh poor fat Jake. At the end of the walk we came upon a rather large downed tree across the trail. Jake was like a reluctant jumping horse. Just reared up and sat down then refused to budge. Actually he did try to go around it first. J tried backing him up for a running start but nope, not gonna doit. J had to hoist his lard butt over the log. Bitsy went to play in the water and search out shrooms with me while Jake caught his breath. Then J and I went for a night ride on the River Trail. Supposed to be recovery but it was split about 50/50 of slow spins and an 18 mph ride. Noice.
Monday- hit the pool. Easily a solid 1/2 hour for me with very little resting. I didn’t count laps. But continues to improve.

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