Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

OMG I’m Going to Puke

Sunday- a few hours of running around in the woods like idiots. In the rain.

Monday- rest day, except for a slow 1 mile stroll

Tuesday- OMGIGTP
Decline dumbbell press x 20 x 12lb
squats x 50
step plyometrics 1 min- surprisingly hard
butt kicks 1 min-surprisingly easy after that step work
called for plyo pushups but my wrist hurts? and I couldn’t put pressure on it long enough
dumbbell flys on body ball with ab crunch x 15 x 10lb
added 12 chest presses on body ball to make up for pushups
leg extensions 20 x 10lb, 10 x 15lb, 6 x 20lb on each leg
knee tuck jumps x 10
step plyos 30 sec holding 5lb dbs
scorpion pushups x 5 each side (10 total)
alternating dumbbell press on body ball with elbow drive x 10 each leg x 5lb won’t try to describe that one
surrenders x 10 each leg x 5lb um arms straight over head, kneel and stand one leg at a time.
side step plyos 1 min
dips to failure – uh oh- i can do bench dips all day long but only did 2 of these full body weight.
lunge with military shoulder press x 20 each leg x 8lb for 1st 10, 5lb for 2nd 10
burpees x 20

W shoulder press w/leg extension x 10 each leg x 8 lb
rope tricep press x 20 x 20lb
straight leg squat thrust x 30 sec
chair pose 30 sec
side plank with inner thigh raise x 10 each side

warm down
walked 5.5 minutes talking about Olympics, then jogged at 10 mph to 10 minutes


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