Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Thirsty Thursday

Thursday was a good workout day

circuit 1
wide grip lat pulldown drop set 3 x 60lb, 8 x 40lb
underhand grip pulldown 15x 30lb last one hold midpt to failure
hamstring curl a5 x 40lbs
jumping lunges x 10 ea leg
Run 1 min,12% incline, 6 mph didn’t make it. held 45 seconds and died

Terry pulls pyramid 20 x 10lb, 12 x 20 lb, 8 x 25 lb this is a new one, started too light
standing lat pulldown 10 x 50lb
back kicks with shoulder press: each leg 10 x 10 lb DBs
repeat one minute run set incline at 10% and made the full minute

seated cable row drop set 3 x 75 lb, 8 x 55lb
step ups 20 on each leg, alternating
butt kicks for 1 minute

incline bicep curl 10 x 10lb each arm
pike crunches x 25 plank position ankle on ball, rolling ball in with toes, ouch
hamstring curls 10 x 45lb
butt kicks 1 minute

superman hold for 1 min
boat pose hold for 30 sec
reverse plank for 1 min
butt kicks 1 min

As I was grilling our salmon for dinner, the phone rings and Sweet Sarah Smiles says “wanna go for a quick ride down at Boyle?” I have a LIST of things that need doing around the house. I went mountain biking instead. Had a great time, just cruising thru the woods, no hurries, no testosterone. Just fun. Thanks Sarah. Thanks for the zipline rides too.


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