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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

My Mountain Bike is Broken, so I climbed one instead

So it seems my mountain bike is not unfixable but a part has to be sent in to the manufacturer to be rebuilt so no riding for a while. I guess that’s better than the option I was offered of calling the bike a loss and buying a brand new one. I think Joe is still worried that fixing the old one is the wrong move since the price of bikes seems to be heading up up up with the interest in biking increasing and the cost of EVERYTHING going up from transportation and manufacturing cost increases. Amazing how the price of gas affects things.
Holidays around here usually find us out at Pinnacle. Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving…I think the only major holiday that hasn’t seen us at Pinnacle at least once is Easter. Yesterday Joe and I headed over to Pinnacle for a climb. There was a big party in the main parking/park area so we parked farther away at the visitor’s center and hopped on the Ouachita Trail to get over to the park. J had said he wasn’t feeling quite up to this so I took it easy on him and we walked most of the trail instead of running. Then he took off up the mountain on the rocky sections and I was a full 30 seconds behind him to the top. Darn him. So I had to beat him down. And make him run. We hit the new part of the trail and ran up until the ugly switchbacks started, walked for a while then started running again when it met back up with the Ouachita. I ran him back to the steep steps below the visitor center. I heard him ask ” you’re just getting your wind aren’t you?” then I think there was a cuss word. An afternoon of yard work, cleaning the garage, making homemade individual cheesecakes and cooking dinner left me spent. We didn’t even leave the house for fireworks.
This morning J and the small one are accompanying the oldest kid to set up her new apartment in Fayettville. We loaded her up with furniture in a Uhaul. Wow, our garage and storage room seem so much bigger now. I’m headed out to do a little more work stripping a desk that I’ve been avoiding for weeks and then I’m off to help a friend paint at her new house. If my people aren’t back by the time I wear out painting, I’m going to go sit my butt by the pool.

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2 thoughts on “My Mountain Bike is Broken, so I climbed one instead

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how lucky I am to have these great trails so close to home. There’s enough room to make several workouts of varying difficulty, even multiday hikes. NOICE!

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