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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Death by Dorito Dust

Joe found a tick crawling in the hair on his leg so he crushed it between fingers coated in orange dust from the doritos he was having for lunch. Bad day for the tick, cough cough.

The dorito break was a lunch al fresco beside our car at the parking lot at Camp Robinson. We were out for a bit of moutain biking on the CARP trails at Camp. 18 miles of it. None of it all that fast but we had fun. The few times I’ve been out there we ride mostly one portion of the 30someodd miles of trail. Yucca, portapotty,10 bridges, outerloop, 5mile loop. Today we wanted to try some stuff we hadn’t done so we went on airport, dead elvis, flatlands and can o corn. I’ve mentioned my confusion about the naming before so it comes as no surprise that I was curious to know if Flatlands was aptly named or a cruel trick. Of course it was a trick. I kind of liked it though. The roughest spot of the day was getting off Can o Corn (huh?) and deciding to ride a gravel road back to the car to get some eats and refill water bottles. Oh my what a road. Straight up. Forever. Or so it seemed. ugh. I was ready to ride over any rock garden to get off that road. At some point after lunch I noticed that my back end wasn’t bouncing. Not my personal backside, my rear suspension. Dang. I don’t know how long it had been like that but I had nothing. Not to dis riding hard tail, my first bike was a hardtail I’m just sayin that I remember why I wanted to get rid of it. No control, bouncing all over, beating the crap out myself. Fun. I said a while back that Porta Potty is my favorite trail out there but I’m having to rethink it since once I broke a seat post on it and this time I lost my rear on it.
I crashed last night after getting a little bit of hammock time and doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the upstairs and making pesto and a dessert for tonight’s dinner. I crashed hard. I think I might have needed help to bed since I fell asleep on the couch. I really have to find a way to relax more on the weekend.


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3 thoughts on “Death by Dorito Dust

  1. Oh no!! Suspension is crucial! That road is a bitch. When Aaron and I first started riding and still smoked, we had to climb that road out. I remember being spent and sitting down at the top, refusing to ride any more, and making Aaron go for the car.

  2. Yeah the suspension thing kind of sucked. Made the ride harder than it had to be you know? I’ll be bringing it up to the shop as soon as I can figure out how to get there before 6.

  3. we close at 7.

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