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Two Outs in One Tough Inning

This weekend was the District Champeenships for the small one’s softball team. She missed the first game with the coaches blessing because of the conflict with my birthday party that had to be rescheduled from a non ball playing night. Her team lost. Saturday morning we missed seeing her play the first game of the day but her Mark ( stepgrandpa) took her and he tells us she got a hit off to the grass that got caught unfortunately and a dink and a walk. She’s had a tough time adjusting to this new team and to the new coaching structure. She just turned 12 and all her teammates but one other girl are 13-14. She holds her own.
They played again at 3:00 so J and I had about 2 hours to get home from the CARTI ride, shower, change and get to the fields. We got there in time to see her play 3 more games because… they fought their way out of the loser bracket to face the team that put them there in the first place in the championship game. And they won. McKenna’s shining moments of that game were 2 plays made in one inning when she was playing left field and caught 2 hard and fast balls that were headed out to pasture. Whew, those batters would NOT be crossing home plate this inning! Now because they had already lost once to this team, they had to beat them twice to win 1st place. The second game started off with the other team getting 3 runs right off the bat. It was tight though and the girls fought back hard. Our girls managed to tie it up with minutes to go and forced an extra inning. Our girls didn’t get any runs so it was a matter of stopping the other team again but no cigar. They got one past the catcher who was working her tail off and our girls got 2nd place. Not too shabby. Congratulations Lakewood!
Oh yeah. I don’t have any pictures. Ha


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2 thoughts on “Two Outs in One Tough Inning

  1. You should buy your own d*mn camera! 🙂

  2. NO PICTURES! Have I taught you nothing?! Oh well – love the play by play and many congrats to the little one!

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