Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

70 Mile Weekend

So since the title of this stupid thing is a reference to fitness- I should probably post some fitness crap.

1) I forgot to mention my 40th birthday present from my sweet hubby. A few weeks ago I was having all kinds of issues with my running companion-the very cheap, very light and very convenient iPod shuffle. Turns out it was jelly in the on/off switch. Don’t ask. Anywho, I got it all cleaned up and working fine but apparently I had bitched enough. I got a new iPod for my bday. Not just any iPod, but for the technophobic non music listener that I am, I got the mother lode. A new Nano. Ingraved no less. Now my man isn’t one to whisper sweet nothings. He’s not a gooey romantic. So the ingraving should not have caught me off guard.

“Quit whining, Run FASTER!”

Yup, that’s my baby.

2) After a solid week of next to no real exercise, we hit the bikes hard this weekend. Those who know us know we don’t train. Ever. We just sort of decide to do stuff and hope for the best. I’ve been riding my bike on the trainer a lot more than I ride it out on the street so hopefully the winter hasn’t been a total loss. Joe wants to do the Tour de Rock 50 miler next weekend. I had a month’s notice and one of those weekends was a loss to Boston. So we packed all the training into this weekend. Smart huh?
Saturday: long loop on the River Trail, starting at Cajun’s to the end of the trail in NLR and back but we threw in Ft. Roots each way so it made it just under 30 miles at about 15 mph average. I haven’t done any hills in a LONG time. I chose to pick up the phone and call Granny (gear) the first trip up Ft. Roots but that was too easy. I was trying my darndest to catch Joe by the top but it wasn’t happening. I middle geared it up the second time and was closer to him but he still beat me.

Sunday: The idiots went back out starting under the Big Dam Bridge on the LR side and riding to Scott and back. We stopped at the Stonelinks Golf Club for Gatorade. Thanks Sarah and Aaron for introducing us to the saving grace of the coldest gatorade for miles around. Just a thumbs up-the folks there are so super nice. Total mileage- just over 40, 15.7 mph pace avg.

Sunday was also the day that my mother pointed out that my daughter, who is still at least an inch shy of being as tall as I am, has longer legs already. Like I don’t know that I have stumps. I’m happy for her and still hoping for another good growth spurt-I’d like to see her taller than I am so she doesn’t have shop in petites her whole life. Of course the little snotbag started comparing and going “my legs almost come up to your waist” blah blah blah As if being a tweenager hasn’t given me enough reason to throttle her senseless? Not that I would. I’m just sayin’.


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One thought on “70 Mile Weekend

  1. Okay, that ipod is hilarious! Totally Joe, too. Congrats on a huge riding weekend. You’ll get good fitness gains from back to back hard days like that, but it was hot as hell and riding out there is like being in a wind tunnel-BRUTAL. No worries Lisa, I think you’re short legs are hot!

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