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And I’m Not Even a Baseball Fan?!


After the panic of last week, we finally got on our way to Boston on Friday the 30th. This was following several days of togetherness and happy events a la graduation, birthday and visit from family.
The trip as a whole probably deserves about 4 entries but I’m going to highlight one night. Fenway Park. Now we had looked at buying game tickets as soon as we knew we were going to be in Boston. There were none to be had by conventional means. It seems the best bet is to show up on the MORNING of game night and stand in line for the few tickets they hold back. Hmm. Probably not an option for us since we’re supposed to be working. Then we get the invitations for a party hosted by a company that is well known for throwing the bestest shindigs during our convention. This year it’s at Fenway Park. Minus the actual game of course but still. We got shuttled to the park and into the newer parts of the stadium for a buffet of hot dogs, chicken thighs and BBQ. Uh yeah, we’re from Arkansas and we sure as hell don’t go to Massachusetts for BBQ. So we had wieners of course. And beer. There was an open bar. All night long. Here are the happy people enjoying their free beer, ball park dogs and a great view.

While some of our group was down in the bowels of the park in the batting cages, Joe and I got a guided tour of some of the park. The lead in shot above is from atop the Green Monster. I’d love to be able to watch a game from up there, what a view.
We got to sit in these seats—from 1937. I think I got that right. They are the second oldest seats in the house, the oldest being from 1912. That’s right, this ballpark has been in use for 96 years. I learned a lot of Fenway trivia that night, maybe it will come in handy someday. Since I’m not a baseball fan. Am I making any real fans jealous yet?

Toward the end of the tour we got to go over to sit in the press box. That was interesting. The top row of seats in the box has an obstructed view. So much so that they put in monitors because you really can’t see the field. That’s where they stick the press from the Yankees organization. Ha.

We really had a blast in Boston and if we didn’t have a list of other places to visit, we’d be going back soon. It took the small one a whole day and half before she decided that she wanted to be “real smart” so she could go to school there or move there when she grows up.

I only got one workout in the entire trip, a 3 mile run along the harbor. But we did an incredible amount of walking. I felt like the only time I wasn’t on my feet was on the plane and when I was sleeping. Ouch. The shuttles for the convention were so slow I walked to and from each day. Sometimes twice a day. I got some really great blisters from my “work appropriate” shoes. Actually even my flip flops were wearing on me with all the walking we were doing. After Joe and the small one left for home, (they went home before I did) I went on a 2 hour walk with one of my colleagues after I found it she’d only seen the hotel and the convention center. It didn’t turn out to be the tour we started out on because we got a little turned around while chasing a path that wasn’t marked well, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. If we hadn’t gotten lost we wouldn’t have met the nice policeman who told us about the traffic jam we witnessed and how if we came back to that spot the next day, we might see Bruce Willis cause he’s filming a movie. The trailers and big light rigs were snarling traffic. And we made it back to our hotel unscathed.
Joe has already posted on his blog about the great transportation/cycling/pedestrian issue but I’d like to say that man did we run into some helpful people. Not just the service folks, I mean Joe’s right, it’s a town that makes a huge living off tourism so you expect decent service, but we got help from averageguyonthestreet too. We had good food and a really good time there. And a history lesson via the Freedom Trail but that adventure is worthy of its own post. But on the reference to Food. Maurizios in the North End right on the corner of Paul Revere Square. It was without doubt, the best meal of our trip. Because as we all know, It’s all about the food!

Ham and cheese on foccacia bread- And salmon with a shrimp cocktail, yummmmm. We were just in time to catch the end of Sunday Brunch !


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2 thoughts on “And I’m Not Even a Baseball Fan?!

  1. I am officially jealous. As a Red Sox fan, I count it one of my major failures that I have not made it to Fenway.

  2. Hey Lefty- How’s it hangin’? Good to see you man. Yeah, being in the park was cool. Getting those odd sensations of historical significance, ya know? Our minor league team built a new stadium and I’ve been protesting attending a game at the new park. I liked the old one just fine!!The tour guide was telling us about this new thing they’re doing called “magic”. You get early entry,a tour, a food coupon-can’t remember what else but it’s only like $65- you should totally check that out.

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