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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Love Me Some Porta Potty

No, not the stinky kind found at festivals and outdoor concerts. On Sunday, Joe and I headed out to the CARP trails at Camp Robinson. Now, have to say that the first time I rode there I was new to mtbking and was riding an ill fitting hard tail. Apparently Joe hadn’t heard about the “easier” trails, only knew that in 36 miles of them they had to be there. Um, I didn’t go back. For more than a year. The next time we were having a bit of good fun when we hit a trail that was cuss worthy. And it started raining. And then my seat post broke clean off. This time though, I laughed it off and we only waited weeks, not months to ride there again. Sunday was fantastic. Warm, not hot. Sunshine. And Joe did not try to kill me. I rode for almost 2 hours with him without once wanting to A) throw up B) throw up on him or C) both of the above plus constantly battling the urge to hurl sticks at his spokes to make him slow up. Back to the Porta Potty. These trails are numerous and needing memorable names, I sometimes wonder what the “namers” were thinking. Some I get, like Dogwood, 5 mile or Outer loop. Even Christmas tree is understandable once you see THE tree all decked out in busted tubes and old water bottles. But Can O Corn? Buddha? Porta Potty? I still don’t get it. But it’s my new favorite ride. I also really enjoyed Two Bridges. I just can’t figure out why it’s called two when it’s closer to ten??
That’s my rant.
Friday- no workout. Just 4.5 hours in the woods behind our house. I bagged 4 HUGE bags of vine and other detritus. Plus 2 almost couldn’t carry em bundles of limbs and still left more than I could tie up after I clipped them. I realized too late that I needed long sleeves. I’m a bit scratched up. A good pile of limbs are still there because I failed to get Joe to help me finish this weekend because:
Saturday- 3 mile or so run in the morning around the softball field. Several hours in the bike store, it was supposed to be a quick in and out but ended up being an all day ordeal because Joe bought a new bike. So we rode about 10 miles on the River after we picked up the new baby.
Sunday- see above. About 11 miles of singletrack. Nice.


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3 thoughts on “Love Me Some Porta Potty

  1. Buddha’s trailhead has a ceramic Buddha ziptied to a tree…Two bridges was actually renamed to Ten bridges. The others-have no idea. I’m glad you had a good ride!!

  2. Must have missed the Buddha head in the rain. Thought maybe it was a desperate need for serenity while riding that one. The sign where we got on still said Two?? Lov-ed that one, even the crazy potholes with orange caution tape.

  3. Yeah, they need to fix the sign. I always come thisclose to hitting one of those holes while tearing through there.

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