Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

President’s Fitness Challenge Points and Gardening

What is the thread that connects these things for me? I know it’s a thin one, but I’ve been logging activity on the President’s Challenge site and noticed after this weekend that Gardening, as an activity, can really rack up points considering most of us can spend hours on yard work versus an hour or less working out at the gym. This weekend I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 hours in the yard. And I didn’t even mow grass. That was tilling, weeding, weed eating which I guess is sort of mowing, planting, raking and bagging. Whew. Man am I exhausted but the jungle behind the house no longer looks like it could contain wild animals. I mean ones more wild than the 2 unruly beasts that inhabit the fenced in area at the bottom of the yard. The one with the 3 foot tall grass patches and multiple “large dog” sized holes that we could race model boats in right now. I’ve now uncovered parts of long lost rock gardens and flower beds we didn’t know existed or were half buried in the dirt. I feel a bit like Hiram Bingham and I want to rename my yard Vilcabamba. I should have Joe make me a sign. “Welcome to Vilcabamba” you just THOUGHT the Incas died out in Peru. We have an english ivy and periwinkle carpet that would be enviable if it weren’t for the invasiveness. I love the beautiful blue flowers and the evergreen vines but puhleeese. I hate having keep constant vigilance over the ivy climbing the trees. The periwinkle is in everything, everywhere. I swear that stuff just creeps around and pops up where you least expect, or want it. It’s a stealth plant. Then we have the juxtaposition of the bareass terraces that can’t grow anything but weeds. I tried wildflowers last year but I planted too late and the summer sun just destroyed them so we’re going to try grassing them. Now I’m starting to think that a controlled burn may be in order. Hmmm, I wonder who I call for THAT permit? Those who know of my poison ivy woes- I only saw it twice this weekend. The good news is the first time it was on the other side of the fence. The bad news is the second time was on a trail during the 2 hour break we took on Sunday to play with kids. We needed to plant a travel bug in a geocache. That went well but I, as per my usually disagreeable body, had to pee. On the trail. Couldn’t wait. Saw the club leaves. After. Oh well. If anything comes up it will make for a great post.

So the gardening was a big part of the workout scheme this weekend but I also managed a short walk on Friday, a 30 minute bike ride plus some stability ball exercises on Saturday. I’m not doing anything today. My entire body hurts. All of it. And I still have a vegetable garden and at least 2 shrubs and a tree to plant. That has to wait because I have 1 dinner with a USAF neice about to deploy to angry areas, 2 softball games and 2 practices, and 1 piano lesson between now and Saturday. I need a wife.


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